Thursday, June 08, 2006

What if...there's a LOT more left to learn...?

Recently, a new friend asked me what the Relationship of my Dreams would look like. After some thought, I came up with four requirements that (at a minimum) all of the meaningful relationships in my life must consist of.


So, I can say:

1) I want personal relationships that are based on those four main requirements.
2) In order to have relationships based on those requirements, I must find others who possess them.
3) In order to ask for those requirements from others, I have to be able to bring them to the relationship.
4) In order to bring them to a relationship with someone else, I must first have a relationship with myself that includes those things!!!!!!!!!!!

I must love, trust, respect and be honest with myself
And I rarely am
I wondered why I couldn't find fulfillment
I was always searching
And now I know
I need to be good to me in order to be genuinely good to anyone else

Only through having that type of relationship with myself, can I stop looking for approval from others and start giving it to myself.

I feel a journey coming on...!